July 2017

Well known capitals in Europe are overflown with tourists nowadays. So we are looking for alternatives, either within less travelled eastern European countries or in sister cities like Porto, Florence, Munich or.. Valencia.

 I went here with my girls on a surprise weekend organized by two of them, how sweet. The rest of the crew didn’t know a thing about this city, but it turned out they choose very well. Valencia is everything Barcelona wants to be, especially without the tourist crowds. A beautiful town where locals are still owning the streets. I will go for a cliché here and throw in my: 10 + 1 reasons you should visit Valencia !!

(Take a look at my lovely created map as well, I did put some effort in it)

1) The Beach. Beaches always do good. The Valencia beach is just as any other Mediterranean beach: wide and sandy. Of course there’s a nice boulevard along the coast to eat, drink and hide from the sun. The more North, the better the place. Have a delicious lunch at La Más Bonita for example. On this beach, salsa classes, surf dudes and yoga are represent as well.

2) You can cycle everywhere! And how we Dutchies love exploring by bike. The dried up river around the centre is perfect to cross from one side to the other. You can do a very nice bike tour with these guys

3) There’s special modern architecture created by the local pride Santiago Calatrava. Clustered within the City of Science, you find a couple of very impressive futuristic looking buildings. Of course you can cycle here, and…. there are some clubs!

4) Clubbing in Valencia is better than in the average European town. It reminded me a bit of the glam you find in Ibiza. Check out club Umbracle: surrounded by a botanical garden, three areas with different styles, fancy dressed up folks ánd one drink of choice (GT!) within the entrée fee makes this one of the better places I’ve been. We spend here a good Saturday night.


5) 20170702_114457Hidden street art is everywhere within the old town. What a feast! Wander around, get lost in the little maze of streets and colours. On the map my suggested area for exploring.

6) Good weather, food, shops, terraces and nice old town. In Valencia you find nice boutique shops, cute placa’s and little restaurants mainly in the area Del Carmen.


20170629_201400 20170630_112313 20170630_111935

7) All is so cheapo! Really, no masses of tourists mean friendly prices. Food, drinks, public transport, all is reasonable priced.

8) Salsa classes are possible anywhere. They even offer free lessons on the beach. So count to seven, shake your hips and feel sexy.

9) It’s very close to Ibizaaa!! How nice to combine your citytrip with some Ibiza island fever. Ferry’s run everyday or you can take a plane. Of course you can also go for Mallorca or Menorca if that’s more for you.

20170630_112836 20170702_114547

10) no crowds ! no crowds ! no crowds ! no crowds !!

11) There are many nice museums and they are free on Sundays!!  Cultural or historical museums are not really my cup of tea but you could also do with the nice Ceramic one for example. Just Google your way.



Shopping street

Del Carmen – Valencia


City of Science


Plaça de Tavernes de la Valldigna – Del Carmen

Plaça de la Verge

Bike Tour with them ladies

Del Carmen