‘t Gooi

This is the area where I live. I had a fabulous childhood in the fortress village of Muiden. Between the posh ‘Gooi’ area and the hip and happening Amsterdam. Later a moved to the big city for my studies to come back after 5 years to the lovely Weesp. Currently I live in Bussum and every week me and my boy are enjoying the beautiful and diverse surroundings of this area.

What makes the Gooi area special?

The Gooi is a very pretty region in terms of nature and villages. Many Dutch human beings work in Amsterdam, but choose to live in this more quite area. They buy characteristic villa’s in Bussum, Blaricum, Laren or Hilversum. This houses are clustered in neighbourhoods with lots of green and relatively small gardens. There’s not one property with a big fence around it. All are very approachable, so the neighbours get to know each other and a pleasant and friendly vibe appear.

Highlights of the Gooi

First of all you can make great hikes or cycle trips. The variation in nature is endlessly! In my map you find my favourite walking and cycle routes. Secondly, there are so many charming cities and historical buildings. You find the best listed below and in the mappa.


My childhood paradise. Muiden and Weesp have a different vibe then the other Gooi villages. Probably because they are the closest to Amsterdam and have the river the ‘Vecht’ (which means fight) running through. The bustling around the water make for a great atmosphere. Always something going on. In Muiden you can zip a beer from the Ome Ko terrace and watch sailors stumble to get through the slouch. Of course there’s the most beautiful castle of the Netherlands the Muiderslot (€15,50) and the fortress island Pampus (€17,50 incl ferry).


another pearl. You can just walk through the stunning old centre, enjoy an ice cream from Nelis or sunbath at the Groene Punt. Soon Weesp will oficially be part of the Amsterdam government. The city is expanding fast, but you will not notice this in the centre.


so so pretty. Take a look at the map and notice the star shape of this village. If it wasn’t for the cars evrywhere, you could easily imagine life in the 17th century.

20150714_160903‘s Graveland

A stroke of houses along a canal. Unfortunately this village is a passage way for cars. The best part is are the old gardens along the way. Huge old trees bend over the roads and many little waterways with small bridges cause a fantasy like surrounding. To add to the vibe of the luxury Golden Age, you will find pretty horses peacefully grazing the fields between the trees. Check out Bantam, Boekensteyn and Hilverbeek.



Laren and Blaricum

Right in the centre of Laren is a green square with enormous ancient trees. Around it are some terraces and small ancient farm houses, the same you will find in Blaricum as well. Both villages have the same atmosphere: a rural vibe combined with luxury. The citizens of those villages are well known for their wealth. You will feel this directly when stroking down on one of the terraces of Laren, but not at all in a bad way! Everyone is smiling and friendly. I love it.


this village looks like it’s made to attract tourists – which luckily it doesn’t! It’s the prettiest and most picturesque of all. With the lovely houses and the Vecht peacefully running between them, time stood still here. Especially because it’s a quite village. Not much traffic and the terraces are a bit hidden. I like to take lunch from the small supermarket and eat it along the river bank.


Many citizens from the capital Amsterdam move to this area to start their family. Also succesful   … Cycle, relax, walk and enjoy the mesmerizing villages like Naarden, Muiden, Weesp, ‘s Graveland, Blaricum, Laren and Muiderberg. LOVE them all <3

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