May 2017

Being more of a nature girl, I usually do not go for city trips. But if one comes one my way, I take my chance to dive into the urban jungle. To wander around, sip wine on a lovely terrace and visit the occasional historical building. Especially European ancient towns can be so pretty! And when the sun is out… I love it. So when we were heading to the Azores and I could stretch my transfer in Porto up to 6 hours, it was perfect to get a glimpse of this small, beautiful town.

How to get to Porto from the Airport?

Take the Metro line E to Bolhao and walk or change at Trindade to line D and go off at Sao Bento. The journey takes 30 minutes and costs €1,95 pp. At Sao Bento you find the beautiful railway station of Porto where you can drop your luggage in a locker for €2,50 .

What to do in Porto?

IMG_5517Porto’s centre is small, and you can cross the famous part within 15 minutes. However, due to her scenic position along the deep Douro river, you encounter many nice viewpoints by crossing the bridge. Have some fun with this! Also the resto’s here are nice (and cheap)  and you can spot some more highlights, like pointed out below and on my mappa.

This is what I suggest to do in Porto:

    • strolling around is always my favourite thing to do
    • taste the famous Port
    • cross the upper part of the bridge Luis I and be scared for life (you can also do it by Metro)
    • visit the Railway station, one of the prettiest in the World 
    • lay on the beach
    • See the Harry Potter Library ‘Livraria’ for yourself (there’s an entrée fee which works like a coupon on buying a book)
    • enjoy lunch or dinner in one of the nice restaurants


Porto was part of my trip to the Azores and Lisboa.