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january 2020

Another Canary surprise! in 2018 we went to Tenerife which was already beyond my expectations. The same goes for Lanzarote. It looks like the moon at first, all dead and boring. But then you find out about the hero of the island mr Manrique and you also find some vegetation and it turns out Lanzarote is full with many surprises!

what to expect?

Out of the canary islands I choose lanzarote because it was the cheapest and there’s more to do then Fuerteventura (they say). Well, I can confirm, there’s plenty to do on this tiny black island! One week is too short to see all the highlights . Also, the sea looks beautiful, beaches are nice and the Spanish hospitality doesn’t fail. Nice restaurants, terraces and (tourist) shops are everywhere. We stayed in Costa Teguise – one of the biggest hubs on the island.

Who is Cesar Manrique?

No I’m not gonna lecture you about this local hero, but to simply explain why Lanzarote is different from the other Canary islands, it’s easiest to point towards this guy who lived here and kind of ‘owned’ the island. His stamp on the island is huge in a very good way!!

Why visit Lanzarote?

  • Thanks to mr Manrique (further referred to as CM) all buildings are low and painted white. Makes for picturesque villages you will not find elsewhere on the canary’s
  • it’s the closest to Europe so the cheapest and shortest flight
  • there are many cultural highlights and museums, thanks to CM
  • there’s some vegetation in the North
  •  the island is small enough to drive around in one or two days
  • there’s no mass tourism
  • the beaches are pretty and diverse!

The Highlights

find here an overview on my map, click on the icons for more info:


All the beaches in the tourist hubs ( Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise ) have golden sand imported from the Sahara. The beaches shelve gently into the ocean so are good for a swim, although some places can be a bit rocky . In the south of the island you can find the natural Papagayo beaches. Those are very impressive: there are high cliffs, the sand is gold and the sea turquoise. Haven’t been here myself because the road here isn’t that good, but if I didn’t travel with young children I would definetely have gone! Other nice beaches are: Playa Famara (west) and Playa Blanco (north).


Natural Wonders

The green lake (lago verde) in the southwest of Lanzarote is one of the main attractions of the island. As is the (viewpoint of) smaller sister island La Graciosa. Also the wine fields around La Geria are interesting to have a look! On the way to the green lake are some more highlights like the cliffs ‘Los Hervideros’, lake and mountain Bermeja and the salt lakes. Pretty pretty pretty

el Lago Verde


Salt lakes Janubio

Cultural Highlights

CM left many houses and museums to visit. The main attraction is Jameos del Aqua: a cave, restaurant and museum in one. I didn’t go here because we were short in time. I did visit the Lagomar museum though, what a magical place! Highly recommended! Other cultural highlights on Lanzarote are the villages Teguise and Haria. For more, see my map!

Costa Teguise

This is the town where we stayed. I knew beforehand it wouldn’t been my favourite place, but travelling with young children means you are limited in options. Costa Teguise suited all our needs: there are shops, restaurants, nice beaches and we could walk here from our airbnb apartment in the Teguisol complex. The cosy centre around Plaze Pueblo Marinero was a bit far too walk, but a taxi ride only cost us €3 one way. On my map you find all convenient places in this town.


Costa Teguise beach

Costa Teguise Beach

Playa Montaña Bermeja

Lagomar Museum

Laguna of Sands beach resort – Costa Teguise


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