– Zakynthos

June 2016

Another Greek Ionian Island! I love them! Zakynthos is a beautiful place with MediterrAgapi Studios Argasianean looks like you expect it to be… crystal clear waters, small hidden bays, cozy restaurants and inlands orchards with olive trees. There’s so much to see! I cruised to (almost) all Zakynthos corners.

Where to stay in Zakynthos?
I was based in Argasi, close to the capital of the island (Zakynthos city). Our studio was situated a bit on the out skirt of the village, which was perfect to me. Staying in the centre of Argasi can be overwhelming because of all the bars, restaurants and clubs. Although it’s nothing in compare to Laganas (Greek Las Vegas, maybe you fancy this!). Through what I’ve seen, Agios Sostis and Keri bay are nice villages and also a good place to explore the island from.

How to travel around Zakynthos?
We rented a car for one day (€25/day) and drove to the north part of the island to explore Karakonissi, Limnionas, Shipwreck beach and Xigia beach. This was pretty intense, but all worth. By motorbike (€15/day) we discovered the south part of the island within three days. (Smelly motorbike, be aware ;)). Once we tried to take bus to Zakynthos city, but nothing showed up, so we shared a taxi (€16/car). My recommendation: rent a car for two days to explore the island! the easiest and most efficient way.

 My favourite places to go

Look here for a map and overview of all Zakynthoses beaches

Karakonissi: best kept secret

Through a lonely Pinterest picture I found out about Karakonissi, an undiscovered beauty… Snorkelling here is fantastic and you could go for a little swim, but the scenery is the best part of this place. To get here, ask for directions in Kiliomenos. There are no signs and google maps is no help either. Oh, and the ‘road’ between Karakonissi and Limnionas, we could only find a very rough sand road, which I would not recommend to take unless you hired a 4wheeldrive.


Have diner at panoramic restaurants

Greek food is jummie, and they know how to set up a nice place. Even better are the restaurants with a view. My favourites in Argassi are Target Taverna and Theodoritsis . This two restaurants are run by families. They have a different menu and are cheap in compare to the restaurants in the main street, which are all run by the same owners.

Sulphur beach Xigia

Oh men, I couldn’t stop taking pictures here, so idyllic! Actually, there are a couple of bays, and I didn’t really find out which one should be thé sulphur bay. But it doesn’t matter that much I guess, as they are all pretty and got the sulphur smell. There’s a nice cable system so the taverna uphill can transport ice creams to you on the beach. Don’t miss out on this one!

Xigia Beach

Zakynthos village

Not so picturesque as some other Greek villages, but surprisingly nice to have a stroll up hill (don’t do this in the middle of the day). As there are not so many tourists you get a bit into the culture of the island. Finding your way on roads covered in oranges and passing by on the church with an incredible view of the city. Don’t forget to have dinner at Rakomeladiko, a humble place in a sight street of the busy Platia.


Shipwreck bay Navagio

The famous beach of Zakynthos and whole of Greece. Go for the viewpoint! Not a boat tour to the beach itself

Navagio bay


Keri Bay

(another) Xigia Beach Zakynthos

More Zakynthos Beaches