Museum – Amsterdam

Plenty of museums to visit. Where to go? I will inform you about the most popular museums and my personal favourites.

Van Gogh Museum

Most tourists I meet in my shop, want to go to the Van Gogh museum (also highly recommended by travel guides). Of course, it’s special, but take in account that you will have to line up for at least 1 hour before you get in. If you want to avoid the lines, you can make a booking on their website for a set time or go when it opens at 9:00 AM. Also on Friday and Saterday evenings they are open late (until 21:00) and you find it less busy. Price: €17.00 children 0-17: €0.00 No student fees

Anne Frank House

For a lot of people a must see, but again… horrible cues. In high season even up to 4 hours (!). Also for the Anne Frank house, you can make a booking online for a set time. Do this far in advance. No chances of pre-ordering? Try to go around 17:00-18:00. Still cues, but shorter. Price: € 10.00


The national museum with several prices on their name. Very impressive collection with amongst others Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen and even some Van Gogh paintings. The main are you can see in about 1,5 hours. But to see the whole collection, you can spend days in this beautiful building. Definitely one of my favourites. Pre buy your ticket in one of the ticketshops and avoid standing in the line (same price). Price: € 17,50 children 0-18 €0,00.

Other museums and attractions

This are my favourites:

Artis Royal Zoo €19.95 – Amsterdams Zoo with surprisingly spacious setup and lots of animals
Scheepvaartmuseum €15.00 The National Maritime Museum – Mainly about the VOC trade history of the Dutch.
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam €15.00 – Museum of modern art
Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot €13.50  – nice halfdaytrip to little village Muiden (my hometown 0:))
Museum Het Rembrandthuis €12.50 – the former house of the famous painter
Tropenmuseum €12.50  – very impressive museum with changing themes about different cultures. Beautiful building as well
Amsterdam Museum €12.00 –  won several prices, find out about Amsterdam history
Verzetsmuseum – Dutch Resistance Museum €10.00 – very interesting if you are interested in the WWII
Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder € 9.00 Our Lord in the Attic – A hidden church in an attic. Impressive and interesting!

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