El Salvador


This is the route I took through whole Central America. I have to admit I can hardly state that I truly experienced Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, as I mainly travelled to one place at each country. Anyhow, I’ll describe how that went.

El Tunco – El Salvador

When we arrived at the beach village, this place appeared to be another proof on how less developed the tourist industry is, in these countries. El Tunco’s a busy place. There’s a lot of entertainment and accommodation options, but nothing in compare to beach places you find in your home country or what you will expect of the tourist hub. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing! The beaches of El Tunco are perfect for a couple of days of relaxing, during your trip! There are also some nice beach caves to discover and there’s the surfing, you can amuse yourself with.


Plenty of hostels to pick from. It’s not hard to find them, because everything is close by. You will find a couple of busy hostels as well, where you easily can meet other folks. We choose to stay at Moi Xai. A lovely quite place run by a very nice Swish girl.  If you want to go for diner, I definitely recommend Siembra, a small place for vegetarians with freshly made food (opposite of Jaguar restaurant).

Sunsets are amazing to watch, locals are proud to show tourists their country and watching surfers beat waves never bores. We had a pleasant time at El Tunco.

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