Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park

February 2015 – One of the quietest places I’ve been in Thailand. Very nice to see this part of the country as well. You ‘ll drive through beautiful landscapes, see limestone rocks and be surrounded with more locals than tourists. A visit to Khao Sok park, and with that a stay in the little village of Khlong Sok, is definitely on my recommendation list for Thailand.

Khlong Sok
There’s not really a village here, there’s one paved road (2km) from the ‘highway’ leading to the headquarters of the park. Along this road you will find various accommodations to suit your needs. There are about two or three small supermarkets, a barbershop, enough nice restaurants and a couple of (reggae) bars as well. ca 500 meter from the HQ of the Khao Sok national park, you find a very nice and clean river for paddling. I stayed in Morning Mist which is kind of a family thing but the bungalows are very nice and clean and the swimming pool (100 B for non guests) makes it the best!

Visit Khao Sok park
–  the Chaw Lan Lake  this is the main reason people come to visit Khao Sok, the beautiful lake surrounded by limestone rocks. Google Khao Sok park, and this are the pictures you get. Unfortunately I didn’t see this part. Without a rented car it’s almost impossible to see the lake by yourself. What’s left are expensive (1800 B/ €50) tours to the lake to see it by boat.

hike by yourself to the waterfalls  There are four small waterfalls you can hike to from the village, the most distant is 4,5 km from HQ. There’s a wide road leading to the first two waterfalls, from where the route will get more challenging. The last waterfall is the prettiest and the swim in the pool is the best reward you can have 🙂 In total the hike takes about 5 hours, including some swims. Bring plenty of water and food. (park entree 300 B/a day)

hike with guide  further into the jungle you will find more waterfalls and caves. Without a guide you have to be a experienced jungle hiker to make it. There’s also the possibility of overnight stays in the jungle. You can find price lists at you accommodation.

How to get to Khao Sok
A great experience on itself. I love the adventure of travelling to more remote places! To get from Bangkok tot Khao Sok national park, you can take a (night) train to Surat Thani station. Buy your ticket at Hua Lamphong railway station in Bangkok for the best price (top bed, fan cabin 438 B). The train station of Surat Thani is actually in village Phun Pin.

When you get of the train, touts will meet you to try to get you on a bus. There are minibuses going to Khao Sok (expensive) ánd there’s a local bus. As there is no indication for the local bus stop, you will need help from the touts. They set you up with a ticket for 170 B (price on the bus 120 B) and hold it for you when passes by on the main road! The drive takes 2 hours and it’s absolutely stunning.

The bus driver will stop opposite the lane that leads to the Khao Sok village. It’s a walk of about 2 km to the river. Some hostels are situated further away though or on side lanes.

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