A perfect Berlin weekend

September 2017

I’ve been plenty of times to Berlin. The reason: no place on earth has the same free and creative atmosphere. We just love to spend time in the city, always looking for new spots especially within  the club and abandoned Berlin scene. Read my page for alllll the details. Now I will describe to you how my last trip to Berlin went….

Thursday 12:00  I head to Amsterdam to pick up my beloved one and our friend Morti.435838173_125999 The three of us leave towards the German capital by car. After 7 hours we arrive in Berlin. We check in at our Airbnbs (in Neukölln), eat pizza, go to your typical hipster bar, order beers and wait for our friend Remoni who will arrive by train. When she’s here we celebrate our get together with some more beer and vodka.

Friday 11:00  One needs a bike to get around so we are looking for a bike rental. Found some place for only €4/day with very friendly staff. Took the bikes and cycled 70 minutes north of Berlin to go to an abandoned DDR garage. First we passed the place several times trying not to be noticed by the neighbors. Me and Remoni offer to pioneer, but after all felt too scared to enter, so call the boys to go first. One by one we climb through the window and cross the spooky house to find in the backyard a scenery that could either be part of a love story or a horror movie. After the discovery of four cars, we cycle back to Berlin center.

later that day, we go shopping, have dinner and feel pretty tired and sadly not that much in the party mood. Solution: we drink special lemon vodka bought in the supermarket. Meanwhile, M&R are having fun in the Oranienstrasse. We meet them, tempt them to leave by offering the special lemon vodka and the four of us head to the club RitterButzke. Tonight they host a famous Dutch party and it looks good! However, when we arrive at the club there’s no line outside!! An easy entrée follows and we don’t get a camera sticker with club branding. This is strange. Unfortunately, after 30 minutes we have to admit that the former notifications were a sign that Dutch parties even don’t work in Berlin.  Time for us to change scene!

1:00 The evening begins. Morti suggests to go for Katerblau because it’s close-by and supposedly veeeerry good. Me and the bf have been rejected once so a bit nervous it will happen again, But!!! We.get.in!! And suddenly are surrounded by a cosy room full with burlesque kinda curtains, a disco ball and happy songs. We pay €12 pp, receive a stamp for the whole weekend , get a camera sticker (this is the good stuff), pass the grumpy ‘security’ and walk out of the wooden entrée box into an alley that doesn’t look a thing like a club434322721_58102. It feels very welcoming though and the further you get, the more you feel like being in wonderland. I look around and spot a non stop moving kiddy ride, a disco telephone booth,  colorful flags, giant mice on the walls and a bit further something that looks like a circus tent…  Rumors said the new Kater is even better than the old Kater(Holzig) and I have to agree. The owners succeed in creating a fantasy land where you can stay as long as you want, enjoy the never failing music and sound system, chat with fellow party seekers, eat delicious pizza and be unconscious of time or the outside world.


20170930_172348Saturday 14:00  We wake up, reflect on the night and feel tired but happy. After breakfast, we get ourselves into the car to drive to another abandoned place. This one used to be the Anatomy institute of Berlin! Creepy right? It’s not so bad, we walk around and awe over several destroyed and the stunning graffiti. In the basement are some leftovers of cooling cells (those are creepy) and as a bonus there’s an enormous college class. After an hour or so we drive back, make ourselves ready for dinner, eat Indian together and go to Weserstrasse (nice one!) to chill and sip GTs in a very cute café. Of course we are making plans to go clubbing again, but unfortunately stayed a bit too long drinking GT’s… So only after 1am we cycle towards the legendary Sisyphos. After 30 minutes we arrive -as expected- too late at Sisy’s because an enormous non moving line welcomes us. Fuck that, we are not going to wait so let’s go for the less popular About Blanc, which was my choice in the first place.


1:30 About Blanc is supposed to be very near Sisy… but one misstep, a died mobile phone and you end up cycling in rounds not able to cross the S-bahn to find your club. Finally there, I couldn’t imagine so many people found the place before us without any trouble: here an enormous line as well!! Bummer. We watched the happenings at the door for a good ten minutes to conclude: most people that enter are on the list and the people that entered from our line were 2 out of 4 trials. Figured  38% chance to get rejected isn’t worth the wait of at least 1 hour and decide to cycle back home.

2:00 Feeling disappointed and unsatisfied passing various clubs Birgit&Bierwith pumping music and inviting colored garden lights on the way, but stay strong and cycle faster (too late now, think about tomorrow’s drive!). I look up the route on a bus stop, perfectly confident to know how to go, until bf gets faith in his &*€£##$ *certain brand* of mobile phone and wants to follow navigation. Of course the phone dies out again after 4 hopeful minutes leaving us lost in the middle of an industrial area. Panic rises but luckily a friendly passer-by showed us the way home and we could settle in for sleep.. .

Sunday 11:30 The four of us drive back to the Netherlands playing car games and making promises for going again as soon as winter is over to continue with the bucket list (find below). Unless the failed club night on Saturday we are very happy and satisfied with our visit , as always 🙂

The bucket list:
–  Clubs: About Blanc, Heideglühe, GiesseMühle, RummelBücht (never been)
–  More Clubs: Renate, Birgit, Kater & Sisy (time to go again)
–  Bars: Promenade Ecke & Suz war Gestern
– abandoned  place: Teufelsberg (legal) and WolfsWinkel (illegal)
– also: Liquiddrom (swimming pool with electronic underwater music) & Katzencafé

What I learned this time:
– I-phone batteries suck
– A club without camera stickers should make you suspicious
– On Friday around 12, best chances to enter the club
On Saturday from 1am each more hour, longer lines, less enter the club chances – like in Disney
– Thursday is not really a party night in Berlin. Sunday is 20170928_222001
– Cycling on the pavement is accepted and less bumpy to your butt
– NeuKölln area is just a bit too far from it all
– lines in front of clubs are a marketing tool
– a glass of vodka only costs €2,50 in clubs (if returning former used glass)
– there’s really nothing to look for at Alexanderplatz. Avoid like the plague
– McDonalds in Berlin is cheaper than in Holland
– I want a kiddy ride on my patio at home, preferable with characters from Sesame Street


Raw Area

20170929_145447 20170929_150645 20170929_145353

KaterBlau (not my pic)

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