Travelblog Overkill

Until now, I tried to avoid reading other peoples travel blogs. Why? Because I thought finding out about other blogs, would demotivate me to work on my own. I made a good job of avoiding, until I decided it would be nice to find some backpacker tips on travelling through Malaysia (planned februari 2015). My expactations got confirmed: writing about your travel experience isn’t anything special at all….. . There were even more blogs than I would expected it to be! Travelling over the world and visiting as many countries as possible, gets just as ordinary as persuing a great new years eve. Because there are so many blogs in the www-sea, I realise it would even be harder to distinguish myself from others.

How can I be different, if  funny writing and stunning pictures aren’t enough? It just will have to be the content that brings value than. Although everybody tries to capture unique corners of the world, on some places it’s still hard to find good information. For example on Malaysia. Also, everyone looks for different kind of infomation. One will like many pictures or advice on the highlights of a country, anotherone will be satisfied with hints on hidden paradises or some practical information. That’s something I can get my motivation out of; delivering content on places not everyone has been and using my organisational skills to make the info useful without giving everything away. Because if I hate something, it will be getting the idea that there’s nothing left for me to discover, after reading a travel blog.

Well, I will try continue filling my site. I will change some headlines to make more clear what you can find on this blog. If also start thinking about another way to share my ideas and discoveries about life and our surroundings. Although, in the end, I just like to figure out my habitat ánd I like helping others. Along with this, I don’t like pushing my info upon others. If my info is useful, people will find it and follow it. What I do realise, is making money out of a travelblog will be really hard. Not that I really hoped for it in the first place, it’s just another sign to me that there’s an overkill in creative based jobs. Nowadays, everyone ones to follow their passion, instead of just making money. Because the creative market is overfilled, I wonder what might happen with our generation.

And I wonder where I might end up. I find myself in the same dilemma between having to make money, but also want to do some job I like. Well, I keep exploring, writing, feeling and thinking. And I will keep you updated as well 🙂