Country borders

Why travelling?  Why do people like it so much?  Why all this travel blogs?

I think mankind travels around the world for different reasons.  Nowadays, personal development and self consciousness is getting more and more important.  When you fly to the other side of the world to challenge the discomforts of being away from home,  this should contribute to creating and valuing yourself.  This is one reason to grab a backpack and run around different continents for a year. Another reason is following the trend of the idea to explore yourself.

Let me make myself clear.  We’re social creatures and therefore sensitive to other peoples opinions.  As being ‘ an individual’ with a different lifestyle and values than the ‘mainstream’ is getting more and more popular, parts of society want to follow this statement.  But being an unique person because you think that’s what others will like about you,  doesn’t make sense. Right?

I think with travelling , for a lot of people it’s the same.  The idea of going abroad, diving deep into an different,  unknown world, suits the vision of doing something to explore yourself.  But in reality, the moment  this ambitious good intent young kid arrives in a foreign country, he will embrace himself with the same comfort as back home. Ttravelimagehe Western world is so widely represented abroad,  that – even flying 6000 kms away from home- its hard to experience the refreshment of a total unknown culture and place. In more tourist areas you get blown away by all Western folks, and it’s almost impossible to find a ‘local’ hangout.  In less touristy areas, the few tourists are glueing together in that nice pub of the cool Irish owner.  And the places where hardly any tourist comes?  You don’t want to go there.  It will feel unsafe.

Blogs where young travellers tend to show all their knowledge of the world all contain the same countries with the same highlights mentioned.  Even countries where they’ve only visited the capital are regarded as ‘ have been’. To me it’s fine,  it’s just that I find it a pity that all this good intentions turn out into nothing.  It wouldn’t be bad if human beings really get a bit more worldwise and find out things for themselves.

How am I going to avoid the same trap in probably one of the most tourist places in the world , Thailand?  Well I think even the most tourist cities have a own character and treasures to discover.  As long as you take enough time and be not afraid to take a different route than the group does.

We will see how it works out for me going to Thailand and Malaysia in two weeks time.  At least I’m conscious of the illusion of adventure a popular foreign country can create.