Zakynthos Beaches: where to go?!

Cross around Zakynthos and you will find a lot of bays and beaches to enjoy. For more about Zakynthos read my blog post here


Xigia Beach

Very beautiful and over all relaxing place. There supposed to be sulphur in the water for the ultimate DIY spa effects. The funny smell is there and the water has a special lightblue colour. Definitely worth going.

Keri Bay

Nice and relaxed atmosphere. Beach out of pebble stones but nice views and clearest water. You can also rent boats from here to drive to the nearby island and spot turtles… Wouldn’t mind staying here next time. Not overly crowded but enough shops and restaurants.

Gerakas Beach

Spectacular surrounding, nice to have a look! (not for whole day chilling). If you click on the picture to enlarge, you will see many wooden pyramids which is a protection for turtle nests. Gerakas beach is one of the main turtle nesting zones. Closeby, you will find the soon to be finished turtle rescue centre.

Supposedly the most beautiful ‘beach’ of Zakynthos. The colour of the water is even more special than on this picture. The bay is great for snorkelling. You find a restaurant with sunbeds aside, many people make use of as there is no sand. Nice to have a look, but not suitable to chill for the whole day.
Say hello to Dafni beach. One of the most challenging, but rewarding places to get. It feels like driving to the middle of nowhere (what it is), but you’ll reach an isolated oasis of paradise. A couple of restaurants, free sunbeds, an incredible wide sandy beach with the most scenic views of the island. On top of that, this is also a turtle nesting place so you changes are you can spot some while snorkelling

one of my favourites places to spend the day. Picture is taken just after heavy rain fall (you can find dry spots underneath the umbrellas ;)). Usually white sand, very quite and scenic place. The beach bar plays pleasant lounge music while you feel a like being on a tropical holiday.

Keri Lighthouse
a misleading name to describe a stunning view from a restaurant with a little lighthouse extension on the rooftop. While driving here, you pass the village of Keri which is adorable. This is a must see!
Cameo Island
a bit overrated. Cameo island looks fantastic on pictures and it’s one of the main attractions of the south of Zakynthos. You pay €5 to get onto the island (including a drink), but the places to lay out your towel are limited. Nice to have a look, but not suitable for a whole day of sunbathing.
Porto Roma
Picturesque and quiet hidden bay. Aside you find a lovely restaurant for a drink. Beach is small, but there are lots of sunbeds. Only go here if you have enough time.
An absolutely stunning bay, undiscovered by (mass) tourism. Being Limnionas little sister, you find here the same turquoise water. Because the bay is less deep, it’s nicer to take a swim. On the other hand, there’s no restaurant aside. To me Karakonnisi wins anyway. Read more about Karakonnisi here.
Banana Beach
This is the most wide and sandy beach of Zakynthos. You will find hip and luxurious restaurants playing lounge music. Although the sand is pretty, I would not come back here. Sunbeds are expensive and lined up by hundreds (!). I really missed the Mediterranean vibe .
Navagio bay
I almost forgot about thé attraction of Zakynthos or maybe the whole of Greece… Navagio alias ‘shipwreck’ bay. It ís as beautiful as on the pictures! You can visit the bay by boat (easy to find), or drive to the viewpoint by car. The signs have been taken away, so you have to look closely at your map to find the place (look for signs to Monastry St. George Kremnon). Take in the views, snap some pictures and be careful at the cliffs.